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Boot Camp

World Class Instructors

The 1st, 2nd, and 4th ranked players in the world are among our instructors ( The Giant Poll of 2015)

Teachers from around the globe

BLC Boot Camp has instructors available in seven different languages. Learn more about the instructors by visiting the instructors page.

10th New York Metropolitan Open

January 16th

Schedule for upcoming Boot Camps

What to expect from afternoon/evening Boot Camps

Intermediate/Advanced Level Players

  • A pre-camp questionnaire will be sent to all signing up by the cut-off date. We will provide a list of core topics for you to choice your preferences.  We will select the topics that most of the participants favor.  
  • Mochy will present his extensive personal tournament preparation regime including key reference positions.
  • Concepts of Play in typical Early, Middle, and End Game play will be covered.

Take-Away Materials
Attendees will be provided with written and electronic materials to help them study and review the subjects discussed at the camp, as well as helpful articles, power points and reference positions for future study and use.  Most of the material will be provided electronically by email so that attendees will not have a huge stack of papers to carry home.  Bring a flash drive for immediate download or we will email the material to you at the end of the session. 

Beginner Level Players

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By the end of the session the student will understand the rules of play, the basic strategy and some key concepts that will start them on the path to becoming respectable players. Our goal is not only to teach beginners  rules and strategy, but to instill an appreciation of the intellectual stimulation and pure fun of the game so that they, like us, will want to continue their interest in the game and become a part of the backgammon community.

Take-Away Materials
A checklist of exercises and study material such as power points, and articles to improve which will be customized to some extent for each student.   A list of sites to play and learn on line.   Laptops and IPads will be permitted for students to take notes throughout  the sessions. No recording devices will be permitted.
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 All players attending at the Beginner’s level will need to know the rudiment of playing.  If you don’t, please go to YouTube where you’ll find many videos on the fundamentals.