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Although the primary goal of the primary goal of the primary goal of the primary goal of political targets reaching 60 points in 29 weeks in 29 weeks, the entire Besiktas Massia is also in the account of completing the season with double championship. While there are more 13 encounters to be gained for the championship, win 2 games for the mug will be enough. Before the black-and-white, the black-and-white, then 4 days later, the Medipol Başaksehir will play half final in the cup and want to continue with the steps in both games.

Black-and-White will try to continue without disturbing 5 matches in the Basaksehir match. Besiktas lived the final score loss in the league in the 23 weeks in the Fraport Tav Antalyaspor’s displacement and with its opponent 1-1 draws.

The goal of Medipol Basakşehir, which is the 6th champion of Super League, the goal of Besiktaş is necessarily to increase the score of 32 and take some more breaths.

The champion of last season, this season is in a big collapse and just above the fall line. In the case of scores that are ranging from only 1 match every week, when he loses the falling line, the Medipol Başakşehir, which was immediately on top of the score, has finished 10 games last week. Okan Buruk has continued after the losing series Aykut Kocaman, and Başakşehir, was held in 10 matches in 10 matches between the 19th week and the 28th week. Aykut Kocaman has been able to win the wins in 6 league matches in the technical director of 6 league-laciverts last week by defeating the teens of young people at 90 minutes. Medipol will be uniform in the face of Basiktas due to 5 footballers injuries in Basakşehir. In the orange-navy team; The head of the season is injured Caicara continued in Bolingoli, Mahmut, Chadli and Duarte will not be in the staff in the encounter to be played with Besiktas.

Besiktas will go out with 3 missions to Medipol Basaksehir challenge. The most important of these misses is the manager Sergen Yalçın. Last week, Gaziantep FK played in Vodafone Park will be sent to the Four of Yellow card in the Gaziantep FK match, will not give instructions from the evening spare booth tomorrow in the evening reserve hut and follows the self-departed section.

In the Black and White, the manager Sergen Yalçın, as well as soccer players, Cenk Tosun and Gökhan tirke match the match. The first league match was the first league match and the Cenk Tosun, which was appointed 2 goals after the match and began to be mutilated after the match, started flat runs within a separate individual program 2 days before the disability. Non-national scores that are not included in the team work is expected to be risked at tomorrow’s fight. Cenk Tosun is working in Fenerbahçe derby on 21 March. Another Missing Football Player in Besiktas Gökhan Town is crippled 4th times this season. Since Monday, the cerement, which has been treated from the right lower calf, due to disability, this season did not place 13 matches in the staff.

Besiktas has 4 players on the yellow card border before the Medipol Basaksehir match. Previously, Rachid Ghezzal, Rachid Ghezzal, Valentine Rosier, Necip Uysal and Josef de Souza, Medipol Başakşehir will be played in Vodafone Park on 21 March in Vodafone Park will be taken in the Fenerbahçe Park. The manager of Sergen Yalçın has been learned to be very careful with these four footballers prior to these four footballers and stimulated that the match is not in the dialogue at all with Cüneyt Çakır.

The 5 players in Medipol Basakşehir came to the yellow card penalty limit. In orange-navy, Enzo Crivelli, Danijel Aleksic, Mahmut Tekdemir, Ömer Ali Şahiner and Alexandru Epureanu will leave the Yukatel Denizlispor at the 31st week in the face of Besiktas will leave the team in Yukatel Denizlampor.